Job Title: Senior Associate - Family law

Jillian is our warm-hearted family and child protection lawyer. She is also a mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner. That means that Jillian works diligently and sensitively in situations of relationship breakdown, children at risk and enabling separated couples to make decisions and agreements about their children or property (rather than being told what to do by a Court). Jillian relishes the role of separate representative, when she is appointed by the Court as a lawyer for a child or children. In this role she investigates and assists the Court in making orders in the best interests of children at risk of physical or emotional harm. Jillian is a member of the Family Law Practitioners Association of Tasmania, the Resolution Institute and Family Law Pathways, and has been practicing since 1983. But just between you and me, Jillian is a water baby and, if she hadn’t made it in the legal profession you would likely have found her working as a professional marine life photographer or a whale researcher.